Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shaiba, Catterick.

This event was centred on the Catterick Army Garrison in N.Yorkshire.

Open heath, steep sided wooded valleys and some street O. I really enjoyed the contrasting technique to the previous weekend, which was easy nav, but fast with some path/track route choices.



Martin Dean said...

Hi Andy,

Looks quite similar to Greenham Common where the Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Finals were held yesterday. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise given the army influence on both areas!

Like the O- Mantras!


Andy Hyslop said...

Hi Martin,

Yes, similar areas but I was gob-smacked at how fast you ran round your 8.2k course. I make that 5.12m/ks!

Would be interested to read your O-Mantras if you have any.

All the best,