Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I had a disappointing JK. On the first Individual day I didn’t make any big errors but got tired towards the end and started to miss controls by a few seconds which combined with a couple of poor route choices added up to a defecate of 8 mins on Kevin Harding and Mike Billinghurst.

On the second day I generally felt tired and started to go down hill early in the race to the point that I was utterly shattered by the end.

I didn’t have a clean run on either day but I put that down to be just being physically drained as a result of having over trained over the last two weeks. Running the Loughrigg Fell race last Wednesday night was great fun but in retrospect the calf stiffness that I developed on Friday sacrificed my JK weekend. Never mind, I’m still learning what my limitations are and not doing so well always drives me to sort out the problems and try harder next time.


JK Day 2

JK Day 3