Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mountain Bike Portage System V1.0

I've done quite a lot of mountain biking in the Cairngorms recently. There are some excellent long rides that link different sides of the range but I got to thinking that I could connect some very remote valleys if I could come up with some way of carrying the bike comfortably over a few kilometers of hillside. Weight is not the issue but the awkward and uncomfortable shape of modern bike frames makes them excruciating to carry for even short periods, as I discovered when I biked the Lairig Ghru earlier in the year.

Here is my first attempt at designing a lightweight, packable carrying system.

At Loch Einich. The bike with shoulder straps attached ready for the carry out of the back of Coire Odhar.

A velcro strap holds the front wheel in place.

A velcro strap fixing the pedal allows the bottom of one shoulder strap to be attached to the opposite peddle.

The bike being carried.

Deployment time is less than 10 mins. Weight - maybe 200g.

More later.