Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deishar 8th Oct

Another superb Speyside forest. Open run-able pine forest with very little brash. Plenty of crag and contour features.

Really enjoyed the race but made a few 2 min errors, which put me 6 mins behind Martin Dean’s time of 65 mins (I did 71 mins). I had a particularly bad miss on 7 where I got confused by an unmapped marsh a 100m or so before the control. I was going pretty well to 6 and was slightly up on Martin at that point. The error blew my concentration and I was messy going to 8. Had a miss on the cairn and the pond too.

An excellent video of the event



Martin Dean said...

Hi Andy,

Looks like we were running at much the same speed for most of the course. I was very relieved to find the cairn - there wasn't much around there to relocate on!

Like the way you've annotated your route - will have to find out how to do that from you.


Andy Hyslop said...

I used Freehand. I am sure you could use a similar application, although I'm no expert.