Sunday, October 01, 2006


A very runable forest on a steep hillside with some open heather moor on top. The forest is covered in a forgiving carpet of moss which helped running speed. Quite a contrast to Raemoir. Wearing orthotics seems to be an effective solution to yesterday’s ankle pain. Felt pretty strong running and was really enjoying the course until I completely lost it at 12. I got confused with some rides and ended up punching 13 by mistake. Probably lost about 10-12 mins. I’ll put it down to over relaxing on the last few controls – most annoying. Looking forward to seeing Martin Dean’s splits to 11, which will give me some indication of how I was doing.

Pat and I are staying at Kincraig for the week. We are hoping to do some good training in the Speyside forests. I (we) need the practice.


Martin Dean said...

Hi Andy,

I lost a bit of time at 12 too - was below it and struggled to make things fit. Fortunately somebody was running out of it and alerted me to the fact I needed to climb.

I took 63 minutes to 11 and 72 in total. Probably lost ca 3 minutes in minor mistakes/hesitancies.

My route is on my blog.

Have a good week in Speyside. Gramp are training in Loch Vaa (fantastic area!) next Saturday (was thinking of inviting myself along - e mail me if interested) and a colour coded at Deishar on Sunday which will be very good too!



Andy Hyslop said...

Was 66 mins to 11. Did pretty much the same as you on 12 by going too low. I should have been able to sort it out if I had only checked the bearing on the ride when I hit it. You live and learn I guess...

Very keen to meet up for training at Loch Vaa and will be there for Sunday too.