Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sgor Gaoith Ski Tour

Another amazing day skiing the powder bowls of Sgor Gaoith. I was lucky enough to meet up with Sheila Van Lieshout and Hebe Carus at the parking area and did most of the tour with them.

We started by skinning up Geal Charn, then over Meall Buidhe to the summit of Sgor Gaoith. On the descent we went straight down Coire Ruadh in steep powder. Skins on again to traverse over the shoulder of Meall Buidhe and back to the summit of Geal Charn for another fantastic powder descent down Coire Cloiche, then a long traverse back to main path. Skis on car to car.

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Richard said...

Hi Andy

good to see you are still getting out.

Nice pic's

What bindings are you using on your new ski's, are they Rottafella chilli's or something hotter?

I need to update my ancient kit.

Cheers Ric Sagar

Andy Hyslop said...

Hi Ric, Good to hear from you. I was using G3 Ascent bindings on K2 Shuksan Skis. They're great for steeper descents but not so great at whizzing across the plateaus. Also got some Fischer 109s with Chilli bindings for moving fast, which also have enough side cut to get down most descents.

Happy memories of the ODG.

All the best,