Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was looking for something different; nothing too frightening, well bolted routes with a good range of grades in a scenic location and, reasonably quiet. Too much to ask?

Sicily didn’t disappoint. It is a mid grade paradise with hundreds of perfectly bolted lines in a beautiful coastal setting.

Full article on the Rock + Run Info site.

Many thanks to Cog for the excellent photos. More on his site

Catwalk 6c+ (Coln Moody Photo)

No People No Stress 6c (Coln Moody Photo)

Red Necks 6b (Coln Moody Photo)

Il Ritorno dei Nomadi 6c+

Per I Nostri Amici 6b

Swordfish 7a (Colin Moody Photo)

The Riddle 7a (Colin Moody Photo)

White Wall 7a (Colin Moody Photo)

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