Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ulpha Park.

This was a LOC district event at the bottom end of the Duddon Valley. The area consisted of a couple of small open areas surrounded by mixed woodland. There were some sizeable chunks of wind-blow in the coniferous sections but the birch/hazel coppice was very run-able with plenty of boulders and crag features.

I was initially really pleased with my run especially as I managed to beat Mike Billinghurst and Brendan Bolland, but that was before I had seen Bilbo’s time! Talking to Martin on Monday morning he said that he was bored with the terrain on the first few controls but got inspired when the course entered rough forest at number 4. You need to get inspired more often Bilbo!

1 Martin Bagness WAROC 55.04
2 Shane Lynch WAROC 59.50
3 Andy Hyslop WAROC 01.01.18
4 Michael Billinghurst WCOC 01.01.54
5 Brendan Bolland WAROC 01.02.09

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